Lunch Menu

Starters All €9.50 or 3 for €23.70

Vietnamese Rolls

Tiger Prawns, avocado, baby leaf, kewpie mayo, gari (2,3)

Kanom Jeeb

Steamed Dublin Bay prawn dumplings, scallion, sweet soy (1 Wheat, 2, 6)

Crying Tiger*

Marinated Irish beef fillet, tamarind dip, apple aubergine, scallion, coriander, roast rice, sweet chilli dressing (6)

Bánh Cua**

Panko fried crab cakes, red curry, lime leaf, Thai basil, fine beans, cucumber & peanut relish (1,4,5)

Duck Larb

Crispy twice cooked duck, lime leaf, coriander, mint, roast rice, chilli flake

Isaan Salmon Ceviche

Wild Irish salmon belly, crispy shallot, lime, roast, chilli powder, mint Thai basil (1 Wheat, 6, 12)

Ca Hoi La Trau

Smoked Irish trout, betel leaf, galangal paste, coriander, fried shallots (4,6)

Gá Nuóng*

Lemongrass, coriander, ginger, soy marinated chicken thigh skewers (6)


Wicklow rare-breed pork, water chestnut, aged balsamic & soy dip (1 Wheat)

Lunch (All €15.95)

Chicken / Beef / Prawn (2) / Tofu (6) / Vegetable

Curry -Yellow*

Onions, bamboo shoots, sweet peppers, crispy shallot, sweet potato


Curry - Red**

Sweet peppers, Thai basil, bamboo shoots, fine beans


Curry - Green***

Thai & pea aubergine, fine beans, bamboo shoots, Thai basil



Slow braised Irish beef, sweet potato, roti, cucumber salad

(1, 4)

Shaking Beef**

Pat Mcloughlin’s Irish fillet, red onion, scallion, mange toute, baby watercress

(6, 7)

Lemongrass Chicken

Corn fed boneless thighs, mild roast chilli, sweet peppers, courgette, red onion


Pork Pad Prik

Twice cooked Wicklow pork belly, fine beans, dry red curry, lime leaf, chilli, Thai basil


Smoked Trout Salad

Irish Trout, red onion, beansprouts, mint, coriander, cashew nuts, cherry tomato, watercress, Noc Cham


Beef Chilli***

Slivers of Irish fillet, green beans, garlic, sweet peppers, Thai basil (6)

(3, 6)

Chicken Cashew

Corn fed boneless thighs, mild roast chilli, sweet peppers, scallions

(6, 8)

Phad Thai

Prawn, chicken or tofu, scallion, Asian greens, egg, tamarind, lime, roast peanuts

(2, 3, 4,5)

Pho Bo

Two beef broth, rice noodles, Asian greens, scallions, bean sprouts, chilli & lime


Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken, wom bok, carrot, coriander, coconut, lime, roast peanuts & crisp shallots


Kung Op*

Clay pot baked shrimp & glass noodles, pork belly, Chinese celery, black pepper, scallions


Buddha Bowls

Chicken Buddha Bowls

Grilled satay thigh, pickled carrot & daikon, edamame, red cabbage, broccolini, peanut sauce

(5 peanuts, 6)

Vegan Buddha Bowl

Tofu, cashew nut, watercress, Asian greens, mangetout, Ume sesame seed, giant couscous, miso mushrooms, tahini and cashew drizzle


Salmon Buddha Bowl

Miso glaze, sushi rice, avocado, edamame, scallion, gari

(4, 6)


Coconut Panna Cotta

Passion fruit foam, white chocolate, mango jelly, caramelised pineapple

(3, 7)

Tropical Fruit Pavlova

Lemongrass Chantilly, fresh fruit

(1, 3, 7)

Indochine Spiced Beignets

(1, 3, 7)
1 Gluten I 2 Crustaceans/ 3 Egg/ 4 Fish / 5 Peanuts/ 6 Soybeans/ 7 Dairy/ 8 Nuts/ 9 Celery/ 10 Mustard/ 11 Sesame Seed/ 12 Lupin / 13 Molluscs